Recommendations for your Flowers Stay Fresh and last Longer

Unpack your flowers as soon as possible .
Always cut the stems of your flowers at least 1 inch ( diagonally ) before putting them in water.
Repeat at least every other day.
Put them in a bowl of water :
Roses: covering 75 % of their stems
Other flowers : covering 30% of their stems
Remove any leaves that have contact with water .
remove from bouquet any flower , stem or damaged blade .
You can place a few drops of chlorine to the water to prevent the production of bacteria.
Never place lilies coves with other flowers in a vase itself .
For floral arrangements , floral foam to keep enough water , if possible wet it at least 3 times a day with water.
Remove any flower or damaged leaves .
Place your flowers in a cool ventilated area . No direct sunlight or drafts.
Keep your flowers away from electronics and air conditioning as well as fruits or landfills that could contaminate with bacteria.

If your flowers continue to deteriorate, please call us immediately and we will take care your request.